Monday 30 January 2017 at 3:52 pm
Welcome to our website!
This is the website for Colyn Ward and Onnie Granados
Colyn and Onnie at Runni, Finland, 2016

For those of you visiting for the first time, as well as those stopping by to see if we've updated anything in the last six months or so, a big WELCOME and we hope you enjoy our site.

In this "weblog," we'll attempt to keep you somewhat updated on stuff going on in our lives, if what's going on is fun to share and (we hope) entertaining for you to read. If you're into politics and/or debate and/or lively discussion about current events, you won't find that here, unless your idea of lively discussion involves good food, good friends, good travels, and good times.

And pictures! Lots and lots of pictures!

Check out our main page and see if we've updated anything in our blog to let you know what's up!

If you want to contact me (Onnie) directly, you can always shoot me an email at:

onnie x granados at gmail dot com

Standard gmail address format, no spaces, you know the drill.

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